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Title game!

Hell yeah, basketball team!!

Go Blue!
Livejournal truly is one of my blessings and I thank you all for being here and interacting with me, being a part of who I am. Merry Christmas to all and of course I hope you are all well on this happy holiday.

(those of you who may not celebrate this holiday for religious or other reasons, please accept the sentiment just the same ;~) )


RIP, Dave Brubeck

(NOTE: I don't usually post two times in such short order but I felt this deserved its own entry)

Dave Brubeck died today. I became a fan of jazz music when I was in high school and one of the very first artists that put me on that path was Brubeck. While "Kind of Blue" was the first jazz album I bought for myself I have no doubt that "Time Out" was the second. I'm not one for music theory (having no musical skill of my own), but it was obvious even to me that his crazy time signatures and unorthodox styles of play made for incredibly innovative and incredibly good music. His distinctive glasses and profile were iconic images of the early jazz age and grabbed my attention from the first time I saw pictures of him.

A lot of musicians are noted for being "relentless" tourers. Nobody was more relentless than Brubeck, who continued to tour the country and play up until a year or two ago, when he was coasting into his 90s. It was comforting to me to know he was still out there, doing his thing well and loving it. I regret that I never got to see him perform live, he was the last living of the original jazz giants.

For those of you who aren't familiar, Brubeck is at the piano


Not that I am complaining because normally it's the exact opposite, but I was just in the bathroom here at work and there was a guy at the sinks just absolutely scrubbing the hell out of his hands. He was just finishing his business when I walked in and went over and started by rinsing his hands thoroughly. Then he applied a ton of soap and just started going nuts with lathering them up and furiously rubbing his hands together for the entire time I was peeing. He was getting in between his fingers, around his nails, up his arms to his wrists, etc. He was doing a washing job that would have impressed a cardiac surgeon getting ready to do a heart transplant.

I do a good job washing my own hands and he finished washing his just before I was done, despite his considerable head start. Again, not complaining....
Happy birthday, Whitney!!!

You rock in an all around sort of way.

Jul. 22nd, 2012

She played every song I could have hoped she would play and was interactive with the crowd, in good humor despite the bugs. The setting (the stage is right in front of the windows on the left) could not have been better. As mentioned, the rain did not deter. After I had settled myself in a mostly unoccupied area of grass, a stunningly lithe and beautiful redhead in a black strapless pantsuit plopped herself down next to me. She was there with a friend who knew more Neko Case than I do (hard to imagine) and when she began to find her friend a little bit wine-insufferable, we (the redhead and I) shared some moments of bonding at her friend's expense. Don't feel bad for her friend, I believe she was on a level of heaven reserved only for seraphim (and perhaps thrones). Nothing went anywhere with the redhead (I began to believe she had a sophisticated and monied man-friend somewhere out with his buddies, probably drunk-driving a BMW back to a northern Atlanta 'burb), but she was wonderful to sit next to for a concert.

Walking home, I didn't mind the rain. Or the ankle-biting sidewalks. It was a singularly wonderful evening.

A p.s. that I am drunk enough to add: the last time I saw a concert at the Atlanta Botanical Garden, the artist (a multi-Grammy winner) gave me a ride back to my apartment.

Jul. 21st, 2012

Yes, I saw Neko Case last night at the Atlanta Botanical Garden and it was amazing. Even a 20 minute rain shower didn't make a dent in my enjoyment. She was fantastic. Pretty damn good start to the weekend.
Do some shopping: done.

A few stores that I prefer to patronize were having some sales so I hit them up and got a few things that I needed. I also stopped by Bath and Bodyworks - don't judge me. I needed a candle.

Obtain a summer cold: done.

Whoah... whoah... wait. This wasn't on the checklist!! But it happened anyway. Not really sure how I might have gotten such a thing (I'm sure being in close contact with 60,000 other people on Wednesday had *nothing* to do with it), but there it is, right in my nose. It's not the worst cold I've ever had, but it made last night and so far today pretty useless.

Off to take some more sudafed.

Fourth of July vacation checklist part two

Relax for one entire day: done.

Well, that was nice. Now it's time for some bourbon and some friends.

I hope you are all doing great.

Saturday night I statements

I have rediscovered the mint julep.

I am pretty sure it has never been this hot here. Like, literally. A record.

I found out some interesting information this morning about a grade school classmate of mine. I'll talk about it later, or soon, or something, at this point I don't really know.

I'm going to do some online gaming, trying to kill some virtual soldiers. We'll see how that goes.

I hope you are all well.

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